▶Research Areas
1. Spectroelectrochemical characterization of bio and organi
- Electron transfer processes at biomembrane and the interaction between proteins and biomolecules
- Characterization of mimetic biomembrane
2. Biosensors
- Protein, DNA, and Immuno sensors for diagnosis
- Sensors for environmental monitoring
3. Biofuel cell
- Biobatteries using proteins and enzymes as electrodes
- Biofuel cells with nanobiomaterials
4. Nanotechnology for bio and molecular electronics
- Polymer layers with functional groups for nanobio sensors
- Electrochemistry of conductive polymers
5. Chemical sensors
- Sensors for metal ions, anions, and blood gas analysis
6. Lithium ion polymer batteries
- Cathode materials and polymer electrolytes for Li ion battery
7. Lap-on-a-chip
- Microfluidic chips for diagnosis and environmental monitoring
8. Electrochemical techniques for environments
- Electrochemical monitoring and treatment system for organic pollutants and heavy metals in waste water
▶Research funding obtained
- Innovative BioPhysio Sensor Technology (Dept. Health & Welfare)
- DNA Lab-on-a-Chip System with MEMS (Dept. Industry & Communicate)
- Vitellogenin sensor system for environmental monitoring (Dept. Environment)
Electrochemical in-vivo sensor system with biomimic membrane (KOSEF and UK SBRC joint project)
Application of functional biomaterials (BK-21 project) )
Preparation and characterization of chemical sensors/electrocatalysts with molecular system (KOSEF, SRC)
▶International collaboration
- Collaboration with Dr.Pranjal Chandra